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How to earn $50 daily online work from home Top trusted ptc sites : high paying sites 2016Blog


2016-12-17Firstly everyone nowadays thinks of having a business online, whether its tomatoes or peanuts being sold online.

Online entrepreneurship has become the new thing for today now and almost everyone is excited 😃 ...... But wait a minute..... Is online income an easy thing?... 😢 never its not easy to earn online but you can always make it easier.

Since I was 18 , I had always wanted to be earning online and thought this was an easy thing ...chocolate on milk ...... but now I'm 20 & I have got it all figured out .

The first mistake that everyone makes when they hear about online earning income ,they think its easy or they might usually take it politely but that's not the case here ....ONLINE WORK SHOULD BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY LIKE ANY OTHER BUSINESS OUT THERE , BECAUSE THE BOTTOM LINE IS, IT IS A BUSSINESS....

All major massive grossing companies like google,yahoo,facebook and the likes, they are all internet based and a lot of money is made each day , not to say google earns roughly around $650 every second , well that's a lot , isn't it ? Image how much google makes daily?

Lets do the math $650/s x (60sec x 60 min x 24hrs)

well = $56+ million daily

You wonder that's why it annually nets around $52 billion

But here we not gonna discuss all about google & stuff , I'm here to deliver the best of way to start making you $50 daily online today ....

Well a lot of time was spent searching a lot on all the money making methods online and mostly methods such as blogging , affiliates and stuff could take you time and I consider them as passive income sources ...

So what is it that I have found to be making cash online daily? , well you have to keep reading to check the methods on the go.

These methods could be for stay at home mums/moms , stay at home dads, students and unemployed persons, or minimum waged individuals and to make things simpler anyone who wants to earn money online can also use them.

There are no specific requirements or qualifications for you to get started and its completely free so get your laptop, desktop,tablet and smartphone ready , for you about to start earning online daily from today .

One more thing ......& your WiFi 📶 too , you need that too


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# first one on the list , CROWDSOURCING.

well,considering all the methods here are fit for any personal regardless to where the persons lives (internationally accepts all)

Crowdsourcing is the most easiest yet profitable way to earn money from home doing small task, for Example you get paid to like facebook pages, follow someone on twitter or any small stuff like evaluating a website .

Well this takes few minutes if not seconds to complete and the payout would be like $0.10 each task ,

But here is what a clever person does , he completes as many task per hour ....

Eg. Lets say you do 50 tasks per hour each paying $0.20 that's 50 x $0.20=$10/hour

Imagine if you work 5hours or more, well this is so dependent on you . You know what you want .

Sign up below is a link to the top paying

#2 Earn $50 dollars daily taking SURVEYS

Survey sites are the second most easiest to earn on, mostly your are required to give in your honest opinion on a product or brand , and it takes sometimes 5-20 minutes to finish a survey but the rewards are quite higher.

Some surveys might offer $0.5-$50 dollars for just your 20 minutes .
The only challenge with these is that some survey sites only take teir 1 residence(e.g usa,uk,Canada)
Or on some surveys you might not qualify .which is rare with the sites I have listed .

These sites makes it easier for you to reach your $50 daily , suppose you will likely to earn more than that
.. At least you can make from $50-$200 through these online work from home, on your computer...

So click the link below to see survey sites that earn you at least $100 daily

#3 going on our third recommendation GPT SITES

what are gpt sites? They are get paid to(gpt) sites , were you get paid to do things like surveys,sign ups, clicks, or sign up to free trial versions of products(you don't pay nothing , even when the trial version is finished, its just sign ups that the companies need)

On these sites you can make $0.5-$10 for your time , usually 3-20 minutes time on complexion of task, the greatest thing with these sites , They pay instantly and most of their minimum cash out is $1 which you will receive in minutes after request....



one of the best easiest way to make you earn for shortnening links and sharing them with your friends or your followers.

The way is simple , they pay upto $15 per 1000 clicks , so if you share your shortened link and 3000 people click it yo earn $10 x 3 = $30-$45 daily & that's cool, you reached your target.

The only catch here you just need a lot of people to click on the links you shorten, it could be people on facebook, twitter, google+ instagram, or on your blog anywhere and you could be earning big, some big users earn $4500 monthly , if somebody can do it why not you do it.
Don't cheat them they will bann you for cheating , make sure you read their T&C AND FAQs before you start

Check the link below for the top best paying link shortners


This one is my favourite free way to earn $50 daily online without much work.

While people give up on these to early you might be supriced I earn average of $20 daily on more like 10 different ptc+revshare sites .
Well to earn on ptc sites can be difficult regarding you might need referrals and investments but the trick here is to choose sites which have ptc & rev share ability. These will earn you more without referring nobody and also without investing .

But it might take you 2-3months to reach $50 daily on each site ....but with ptc+revshre sites you can speed up the reaction to reach $50-$200 daily within a month time by investing (This goes to the less patient fellas out there)

You earn by clicking and surfing ads daily , its easy really you only spend less than 10 minutes on each site to earn and once you on your $50 daily it will feel like cake 🎂 . More family time and leisure (-_-}$$

I have listed ptc+rev share sites , than earn you without referring nobody and if you refer ,still you earn more(just saying)

So check the links below to see the top paying rev share ptc sites in 2016


bitcoin faucets are sites where you earn bitcoins for free. 1 Bitcoin = $640 as I am writing this post now , without going much about what bitcoins are and how they work.

Let me tell you how bitcoins are the best e-currency in the world , 1st they are cheap 2nd you own and control them (nobody else does) 3) they are not like other currencies where the bank managers or the owners of the currency control how you should spent and how much you spend, with bitcoins all that os up to you and you do whatever you like with your money 💵

Since these days are almost accepted everywhere, its easy for you to use them and who wouldn't like to spent less on online payments.

So far they are plenty of bitcoin faucets but in the post I'll only include the most paying bitcoins .
Earn upto $200+ daily with bitcoin faucets , online earning is much easier with these
So get to sign up on the faucets....faucets link list below


get paid upto $9 per 1000 people who download your uploaded image, all you gotta do is upload an image that is not violating their laws and share the uploaded image's link with your friend on social site or wherever, and get paid for every download...
Each download ip address per 24hr , so no cheating ....

Upload an image that gets downloaded by 10 000 people daily and that's 10 x $9=$90 daily

Or you could upload 10 images and get a 1000 people to download on each image ,well you still make that$90 daily either way

It is quite an easy thing to get paid for images you upload on their site..

But to make it online you gotta come up with an elusive strategy to make it easy for you to earn big remember FAILURE TO PLAN IS LIKE PLANNING TO FAIL....and if people make $1000 daily or monthly whats makes you different from them also , so there is gotta be something for someone .....

Make it big and you could be easily earning a $1000 daily from your hard work

So to see all the get paid to upload your image and share sites ...click the link below

#9 Earn with DATA CAPTCHA

Get paid to fill out captcha, you get paid from $0.4-$1.5 per 1000 filled captchas ,

You get paid instantly after reaching minimum threshold.
If you can type as fast and are able to type 50 per minute
Your earnings could be :

50 x 60= 3000 captchas solve per hour = $2-$4.5/ hr earnings

The most important factors : You need a faster internet and you need to type correctly to solve the captcha
If you work 3 hours when the pay-rates are higher (Peak hour) when its $1.5 / 1000 captcha solved , you can easily earn upto $15 in 3hrs

Check the best paying data captcha sites and get guides on how to earn

Click the link below

Earn with Applications
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