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How to earn $50 daily online work from home Top trusted ptc sites : high paying sites 2016Blog


Earn $5-$60 daily online easy job with ptc sites
PTC(paid-to-click) sites. The quite easy way to earn online roughly $1,$3 more daily doing nothing with or without investments .

I have listed the TOP BEST PTC SITES list, which proves to have only the highest yielding list of tested paying sites in 2016

The list consist of the best and it's easy to earn more than $10 daily on each site after the first month on signing up:

If you not the patient type kinda person there are ways to speed up your earning up to $50 daily if u invest but if you can be patient you will gradually make it to $40-$50 in just 2 to 3 months


click daily (commit yourself)

It takes less than 5 minutes on each site to click

Follow my rules for those who need assistance , I will help you on how to get you. To $10 daily on each site

Best site ever , earning average $3000 monthly US residents only .....
New unique earning pools that gives

free members and paid members to earn

$250 daily and upto

Upto 156% ROL

Earn big on the new site

140% growth on adpacks

Fast payouts & 100% ref clicks

Best New rev share site in 2016

Earn upto $240 per click dailu

$1 adpack gives $1.58 profit back asap

Fast payouts (A MUST JOIN)

PaidVertsTop best ptc site since 2014

Earn up-to $200 per click daily

Buy $1 adpack get back $1.55 asap (few days)

Increase baps to earn bigger

(its officially the highest paying ptc site)

Trafficmonsoon TOP BEST HIGH YIELDING PTC SITE in the world

Free members: $0.1-$0.2/ daily earnings

100% referral click earnings (all members)
10% referral purchase commissions
Unlimited Direct referrals

Easy to earn as a free member : unlimited referrals & you earn 100% referral clicks. This means with 10 referrals =$1 daily
100 referrals x $0.1= $10 daily
2000 referrals x $0.1 ref daily earns= $200
Daily Earnings

Instant Payments

Earn $50+ daily as a free member & lot more as a premium member

Newly paying like paidverts site

$1 gives back $1.43 profits asap

You can earn upto $50 per ad click in 2months from scratch
Easy strategy to earn

Buy adpacks and start earning 143% back of your adpacks

Like trafficmonsoon site

Best paying site, instant payouts

Easy to earn $5 daily online
With trafficmonsoon's best alternative

Many ways to earn adpacks and free membership
Without investments

Got Traffic? Got Leads? Got Cash? =>> Get them on AdHitProfits Sister site of trafficmonsoon

Been earning quite a lot with this site

It has instant payouts and totally its on its way to be one of the best ptc sites in the world , just like trafficmonsoon

Top best newly paidverts like sites

$1 adpack gives $1.56 returns
(best investment site)

Earn $1-$200 per ad click , real best paid verts alternative

Its easy to reach $1 or $10 per ad click

Fast payouts :unlimited referrals 10% commissions & 5% clicks

Paying best investment site
Upto 120% profits

Instant payouts

Unlimited refs & 100% refs clicks commission

Been paying since Jan 2016

Another best high earning ptc site like trafficmonsoon

Earn daily $50 with no investment

Instant cashouts

100% ref clicks commissions & 10% ref purchases


Best 2016 rev share

Earn 200% on adpacks

Turn $10 into $20 in a few days

Instant payouts


Best site to earn $40+ daily(with referrals)

Referral Earnings: 50% of click value

Minimum Cashout: $5.00 PayPal
(verified only), Payza)

Instant(fast) payouts
Online Since: April, 2014

Cheap members acc upgrades: $5 1st upgrade

Increase Earnings+: Direct & rented referrals

Cost $0.20 each(rent referrals)

Top trusted and recommended

$1 gives $1.59 back asap

Like paidverts

(159% revenue commission)
Reach $50-$200 daily earnings within 2 months from as free member)

Top best paidverts alternative

ClixtenTop honest ptc site : Best rented referrals

Earn $15-50 daily with rented referrals & direct referrals

Its really one of the ptc sites that really pay high

ClixBlue Earn through the best ptc site, to earn on clicblue its easy no hussle ,

Easiest way to earn money from home on the internet

Referral : Rented & direct

Fast payouts , no investments needed

Minimum cash out $1

Ptc sites are for global users(international) you could be in India, Urdu, Africa ,Asian, Europe or America , still you can earn here .so the list is the best paying ptc sites list for indian,Urdu, European etc international users

You could choose your, top 10 best ptc sites list to work on or you could take the whole list of, ptc sites that really pay , that I listed above , its your choice.

Start earning high with the best ptc sites that pay high today. Stop searching , you could be earning $5daily in no time

We all hate scam , so these are trusted and tried ptc sites from since 2014,2015 to 2016. If any site is not quite paying its members we will delete it from the list, this list is solely for paying ptc sites with high paying cash .

If you would like to start earning $10 daily with just ptc sites , I'm free to help those who want my help . I could get you earning goods amounts in no time , provided you follow my instructions very well.

I will give in my email address , to those who want to earn big.

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